$199 per Family or $99 per Family with Manufacturer Subsidy*
Current Turnaround Time: (7) Days
Manufacturer Catalog Items Only

All Families Built Per FCSI Revit Standards using FCSI Shared Parameters
100% Money Back Guarantee Provided By the Revit Experts at Kitchautomation

Send all Custom Requests to: [email protected]
Custom stainless fabrication families, type families and stretchable parametric families available

*Attention Manufacturers: Stop overpaying for Revit families when you can subsidize them instead. Split the cost of the Revit families at your customers request and get specified more often. 100% of all subsidies will be applied to the cost of the family to reduce the cost for the designer and all future customers. For as little as $100 per family you can own your Revit families so they can be distributed to any company of your choosing. Support your customers and the entire foodservice and laundry design industry and you will never miss a sale due to missing Revit content again.

Follow The Steps

Provide the manufacturer, model number, and supporting docs
Notate any special requirements
Provide your contact information and submit payment
The Kitchautomation Family Guidelines

  • Level of Detail – LOD350
  • Specialty Equipment family category used for all families
  • Built per FCSI Revit Standards using FCSI Shared Parameters
  • Insertion point located at back left
  • Built transparent using symbolic lines with geometry turned off in plan view
  • All yes/no visibility parameters begin with “Show” and are checked when visible
  • We avoid using voids unless the geometry requires it
  • No face-based, wall-based, floor-based, or ceiling-based families
  • Nested families are only used when required for MEP purposes
  • Family file size will be kept to a minimum, will not exceed 1MB per family
  • Connectors added and associated to FCSI shared parameters when aligned
  • Modifications available upon request, include your special instructions with your submission
Request Manufacturer Subsidy